Services for Referring Veterinarians

At Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida, our ultimate goal is to help your patient return to your practice for his or her continued care. We maintain a keen focus on emergency and specialty medicine and do not perform routine or preventative care on any case.

Please consider reaching out to our team if:

  • Your patient requires advanced diagnostics, emergent, or surgical intervention.
  • Your patient requires 24-hour monitoring and nursing care.
  • You hope to obtain assistance in understanding an abnormality on physical examination, blood work, or x-ray.
  • You want support with making a diagnosis or to confirm a diagnosis.
  • Your patient's disease is uncommon, rare, or difficult to stabilize.
  • Your client requests a neutral second opinion on your patient's condition.
  • The outcome of your patient’s current treatments do not meet your satisfaction or the results aren’t as expected.

Thank you for your continued support and for entrusting us with your patient’s care. Please feel free to contact us at 239-263-0480. We welcome your referrals and the opportunity to discuss your case.

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